Trinket Tray – Ametrine 02



Ametrine and Clear Quartz Trinket Tray

Measurements: 117mm x 108mm x 16mm

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Ametrine and Clear Quartz Trinket Tray


by CH air dry clay products are hand crafted in Australia using non-toxic Australian air drying clay, which was unearthed & made in Australia and dries under the Australian Sun.


Ametrine Key words: Connects to Divine guidance / Decisiveness / Enhance learning and creativity problem / Mental and spiritual clarity / Overcome fear of action


Clear Quartz Key Words: Amplification of intention / Clearing / Cleansing / Healing / Magnification of ambient energies / Memory Enhancement / Programmability


Chakras: Crown, Solar Plexus


These clay products are carefully crafted by hand, as much as we try to make them uniform, they are unique pieces after all. They may not be perfect, but they have personality and warmth.

Air dry clay products are NOT waterproof and NOT food safe. Gemstones are glued on by hand, should they fall off due to environment and temperature change, simply reapply a small amount of jewellery glue to reattach them.

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Crystal Form

Polished, Tumbled