Surf – Amber Bracelet



Amber Bracelet. Custom order is available.

Brown Amber chips.


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Surf Series – Amber Bracelet.


Amber is for healing, to purity and to fight, to protect and to correct.

Amber is for the treasure hunters, it was formed by life, preserved by the time and presented to us by the nature.

Amber carries the energy of the sun, it brings warmth and wellbeing, it connects with ancient wisdom.


Surf is a series of accessories designed for everyday wear.

Surf is meant to be robust, it’s something you can put on and forget about.

Surf is designed to have water in mind, from the threads to the beads, Surf infuses and purifies.


Key words: Light / Warmth / Solar Energies / Clarification / Healing


Chakras: Solar Plexus

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