Smoky Quartz Point

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Size: 55mm x 46mm x 88mm

Weight: 322g

Cut and polished Smoky Quartz point from Brazil.

Sold Out


Cut and polished Smoky Quartz point from Brazil.


I’m walking in the dark but the world is glowing,

I’m rubbing my eyes pinching my face but the night is glistening.

A gentle softness, bright bright stars are waving to me,

Over the colourful neon world, I see the only light.

It’s a tree of life, singing a song at night,

Soft light like the glowworm at night,

My bare feet on the ground, rooted in the energy from within,

I hear you gently whispering in my ears:

Stop, rest, charge and keep going.


Key Words: Clarity / Cleansing / Grounding / Manifestation of Dreams and Inspirations / Transmutation of Negative Energies


Chakras: Root

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