Ocean Jasper Heart – Large



Size: 88mm x 74mm

Small polished Ocean Jasper heart.

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Small polished Ocean Jasper heart.


You said you are worried, you said you can’t see any light, you said you are tired and you can’t keep going, regardless you love me.

I asked you to hold my hands, put me in your heart and close your eyes.

I put my hand on your face, tamed your eye brows, brushed your eye lashes, wiped the crystal like droplet from the corner of your eye.

I kissed your pale cheek, I warmed up your blood, I told you “Nothing matters as long as we are together”.


Key Words: Centering / Enjoyment of Life / Physical and emotional healing / Positive Self-expression / Relaxation / Release of negativity and stress / Soothing


Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat

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