Lemurian Quartz



This one with a slight yellow tint.

Size: 68mm x 38mm x 28mm

Weight: 100g

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Natural, unpolished Lemurian Quartz from Minas Gerais, Brazil.

This one with a slight yellow tint.


Dark clouds hovering atop the Indian Ocean, water is vibrating, the land is shaking and animals are running. Something deep down is boiling signifying history is changing.

The Earth is covered in a storm, seizing all traces of existence.

Something shiny and beautiful is found, encoded with the secret that is only heard in old tales – once upon a time, a continent sunken, all memories taken and turned into rain droplets seeded in the Garden of Eden.

The past will be revealed, the loves and hates, the sweet and sour, the smiles and tears…

The powerful key is in your hands, one who wishes to wear the crown, bears the weight.


Key Words: Access to knowledge and wisdom of ancient Lemuria / Connection with the Divine Feminine / Unification with the soul

Chakras: Crown, Soul Star

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