Amethyst Cluster



Size: 138mm x 123mm x 52mm

Weight: 1053g

Amethyst Cluster (section).

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Amethyst Cluster (section).


The gentle breeze brushes her face, sending her long silky hair back revealing a graceful smile.

She’s rocking the swing peacefully back and forth, lilac chiffon dress resting on the grass catching the porcelain bare feet.

The sun is gentle, the wind is soft, the grass is green. Jacaranda petals, like little fairies buzzing around her in their lavender dresses, they are swirling in the wind, racing on the green and the whole world is keen.

She rocks the swing peacefully back and forth, as if the hustle is a shield to her tranquillity.


Key words: Calming / Divine Connection / Protection / Purification / Release of Additions / Uplifting


Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Etheric

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