Burmese Amber (Burmite) Mala – Gold



Burmite (Burmese Amber) Mala.

Beads are approximately 5+mm

Spacer beads are approximately 4+mm

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Burmite (Burmese Amber) Mala.


Sun shining right above the ancient forest,

Only animals and insects may be sighted.

Hunt and hunted, the cycle of life, the survival law,

A bright reflection is alarming danger,

Some fly away leaving the persistent predators to enjoy the rewarding meal.

A droplet landed, the moment is captured,

For good…


There is an old tale Burmese people recall:

“You must walk through the archway to get to the town of amber,

Anyone with bad spirit will be hung upside down…”


Key words: Light / Warmth / Solar Energies / Clarification / Healing


Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

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